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History of the Yavapai Amateur Radio Club

The Yavapai Amateur Radio Club was established on July 18, 1991. That was the day the bylaws were accepted by a handful of area hams. Gene Piety, KH6PP, was responsible for organizing the club’s first meeting on January 31, 1991. Gene (Silent Key in 1991) authored the Bylaws as well as the Articles of Incorporation.

The Prescott Amateur Radio Association was the predecessor to YARC. PARA started sometime in 1974 with forty members. Don Harrison, WA7WZE, was president with John Hemingway, W7JPN, as Vice-president and Byron Ballou, W7JSZ, as secretary/treasurer. There isn’t a great deal of information about the club or it’s members during the seventies. They did donate seventeen ham radio related books to the Prescott Public Library in June of 1979. The value of the books was $87.50 (a 1979 Radio Amateur Handbook was valued at $9.75) Bob Tilman, K7CJW, was President of the club during that year.

In May of 1981, PARA provided communications for the Third Annual Whiskey Row Marathon. Bob Tilman, K7CJW and Dave Rutledge, W9KRQ, (sk in 2008) were among the members that day. Also in May the club was there for the YMCA Walk-a-thon. Bill Kafka (SK in 2013), then W7LLE, and later W2YAV, helped with communications. Bill was Vice-president during that year with Jim Wallace, WA7UJG, as president. Not much is written about the club after 1983. They didn’t keep any newsletters, if there were any published.

First Organization Meeting January 31, 1991

Second Organizational Meeting February 21, 1991

We Are the Yavapai Amateur Radio Club

By-laws Voted on and Approved July 18, 1991

Letter from Leonard Beers, KB7FRV dated November 27, 2010

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